Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I always thought Jameson was a little unconventional when it came to his developmental progress. He tends meet some milestones later, while meeting others long before he should. He's not really doing anything out of the ordinary, just not quite when I would expect. Go figure. But he did it again yesterday. He's been relatively normal in temperament and is sleeping fine overall though a little restless the night before last. His restlessness did not seem so abnormal that I would take notice initially. He was a bit fussy at meals, but this also did not seem to be so abnormal for me to take notice. He bit down on his sippy and started crying, but I thought he just bit too hard. Now, I'm sure if you've had a teething child you are no doubt saying, "duh, Ang. He's teething." I did think of that and checked his top gums -that's where they're supposed to come in next- and there was nothing there! So, we went on about our evening. He was playing peek-a-boo with Daddy using my hand to hide behind (quite entertaining) when he decided it would also be fun to chew on my thumb. And that's when I found it. His third tooth broke through right next to his first tooth on the bottom! So, the restlessness and fussiness is certainly explained and I count my lucky stars that he is such a mild tempered boy. So, we continue on with him doing things his own way...

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