Saturday, July 5, 2008


JJ enjoyed his first fireworks last night! We thought he might be a little scared since he is in the phase of being scared of loud noises. The other night we went to the drive-in (Hancock, Hulk, and Get Smart) and JJ was playing with the radio before the movie started and he turned it up really loud on accident. He scared the heck out of himself, crying and clinging to me for dear life. This didn't bode well for fireworks. We arranged ourselves so we could make a quick exit and watch from the car if necessary. Turns out we actually were far enough away that the big boomers weren't too bad for him. Even the people who were setting off firecrackers relatively close by didn't scare him. He and Ally both grew bored (and admittedly tired). Still, it was a fun evening with good weather, few bugs and some pretty fireworks (though the show at Sand Creek Park in Coon Rapids is still my favorite).

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