Monday, January 9, 2012

Life Lately

Wow! It's been about 9 months since my last post! When I started the blog, my intention was to use it to share little stories and the funny things that Jameson was doing. I was so in love with my new little boy that I just gushed with stories about the latest sounds and milestones. It was intended to be a way to satisfy my need to tell the world about this little boy- and if ya didn't really wanna know or didn't care then ya could click off to another site instead of nodding and smiling at me as I rambled on... and on... and on. Well, life had another idea in mind. Go figure! I'm no less in love with my little boy and no less enthusiastic about my baby girl- you've probably stood and smiled and nodded or even chuckled along as I tell another story about Ally, JJ, or Kenzie. After all, I never let posting it to the blog or facebook stop me from retelling the story to anyone who seemed to want to listen! Ultimately, I didn't post the way I thought I would and I post less and less lately because I simply don't have the time to sit down at the computer. Now that I have an iPad, I may find a way to update from there.... Yep, you're in trouble now! That's ok. You can always click away to another page!

Still with me? Cool! Thanks for coming along for the ride! So, life lately... hmmm... Well, Kenzie is nine months old! She likes to army crawl! Well, it's a pull with the arms and push with her little toes and inch along sort of thing. She's pretty fast, too! She does a great job of cleaning the hardwood floors!! I thought about finding a way to attach the little dust mop to her! She started this on Christmas Eve. After trying all kinds of things, she seemed to settle on this as her preferred mode of transportation!

(I was gonna post a video here, but for some reason the blogger won't load it!)

JJ is growing fast and doing better with talking and potty training. For some reason, he just didn't want to potty train. We just hadn't found the right motivations I guess! Quarters that he can use to buy transformers with apparently have done the trick! And of course, his speech wasn't great probably due to his paci habit. He gave that up a few weeks after Kenzie was born and hasn't looked back since- ok, maybe the couple of times we've been down that aisle at the store, but not more than for 30 seconds! His love for superheroes and an awesome imagination fuel that little mouth of his now. He can tell a great story if he's in the right mood! Regardless, he's always talking and pretending. He even tries to get his baby sister to play with him! He simply adores her! Not a surprise since he already adored his older sister!

As you can see, he's still a sharp dresser! I may help some, but he's been picking out his own clothes a lot lately. The ties are actually worn as a tribute to Peter Parker (aka Spiderman)... that fits in well with his obsession with superheroes!

Ally is busy with soccer and such as usual, as well as doing well in school. She just turned the big 1-0! She seems to be enjoying her life as a big sister and now that her brother is getting a little older, playing together seems to be getting more entertaining since it's not all one sided: (insert cute video of JJ pulling Ally on the sled)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome Mackenzie Grace!

She's here!! And what a wonderful baby she is! She arrived 4/12/2011 at 3:14 am. Interestingly, we were in delivery room #3314. People thought the nurse was kidding/sleep deprived when she reported the info! Everything went well and mom and baby are both healthy!. Mackenzie has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes for now. She sleeps 3-4 hours at a stretch- which is much appreciated my mommy and daddy! JJ seems to have decided that he really likes the baby. The other day when I was leaving, he got mad because I was taking the baby with me- "MY Kenzie!!!!" He even tried to take her away from Ally telling her that Kenzie is HIS baby. Ally seems to be enjoying her new sister, too though this is her second new sister in two months- her mom just had a baby girl in March. Here are some of her first pics...

And one week old:

Friday, February 25, 2011


It's amazing to me how a child's mind grows. Both our kids have a great sense of humor. They are both imaginative and it's great watching them develop their ability to entertain themselves and others. Ally is more likely to use a more mature sense of humor these days with witty comments, puns and sarcasm as opposed to just acting silly. It's neat to see because some silly behavior just doesn't carry over well as you get older. JJ is still at the age where silliness is completely appropriate. He adores slapstick humor (Scrat's difficulty in keeping his acorn in the Ice Age movies always gets a laugh) and frequently will get silly to make a slapstick joke. He's also at that age where the things he says just sound funny... imagine my surprise this morning when he told me he wanted to watch, "PoooP!!" and then realized that he is trying to get me to put in his new Winnie the Pooh computer game. He says things like "poofrints" instead of footprints, and "piderman" instead of Spiderman.

Spiderman has actually been a fun discovery, as well. He now turns down his waffles for breakfast, but will eat "web waffles" and has decided that pulling his winter hat down over his eyes and putting on his ONE mitten transforms him into "Piderman!!" He imagines he is a dinosaur, monster, super hero and a baby animal/human all in the space of minutes- one begins to wonder how many personalities are inside that little imagination! And just about anything can be turned into a "wocketship!" He's also discovered the joy of singing and dancing! He randomly busts out into songs from Dinosaur Train and he is willing to dance with Ally on her Wii game. Our kids are certainly a lot of fun!!