Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Time

This weekend was full of time with family! On Saturday, we went to Duluth for my brother and sister-in-law's 25th Anniversary. On Sunday, we went to Red Wing for the Golden Family Reunion. There aren't really any Golden's left, but it's nice to get together with that extension of the family from time to time. The weather was beautiful both days. On Saturday, we not only got to visit with family, but Jim got his first ride in my brother's 6-wheeler. This is an all terrain vehicle that Perry has designed himself. I'll post a video that Jim took after his ride later (it wouldn't post this time around). It shows the vehicle going up hill, then the video ends. The cool thing about this vehicle is the ground it can cover while staying balanced-it may look like it gets stuck on the hill, but it doesn't. Perry takes it up and down that hill 3 or 4 times without any problems. I will post a picture of it, though.

Of course, everyone was quite taken with JJ. He was definately a charmer with lots of smiles for everyone. So, of course he had a blast. I'm posting a few pics from the weekend. Some of them are of my great-aunt's cottage in Red Wing. It's located on a channel of the Mississippi River. At one point, an eagle had soared down and dived into the water to get a fish-I'm sorry I missed it because that would have been an awesome picture!

Pickles w/Auntie Colleen and Bernie- Future mechanic?

With Daddy in Red Wing Weeeee!

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