Monday, April 27, 2009

Papa Henry is here!

Henry came in to town on Saturday morning. It was supposed to be a surprise for Ally, but she figured it out after she overheard me on the phone with him discussing our plans to pick him up from the airport. I had fun driving around at the pick-up area a couple of times, then we were on our way to Elk River where Ally was performing with her traveling choir. Since her group is so young, she doesn't really travel yet, but the older group is going a couple of different places. It gets pretty involved as the girls get older, so we'll see how this plays out if she stays involved over the next couple of years. Anyway, she was pretty nervous about singing in front of people, but she did really well. She still won't give a "private performance" for the family-she's pretty shy about it!

(The girl singing about Disney is Ally's friend Jazzy)

So the kids have really enjoyed having Papa visiting so far. They crawled into bed with him yesterday morning and JJ slept with him an extra hour this morning. I took a couple of pictures yesterday and apparently woke up Papa because he is smiling in this one. This morning, JJ was trying to steal Papa's pillow. He has a tendency to be a bed hog. Not sure where he got that...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another victory...

in the potty training escapade! JJ was not feeling well again yesterday. He had diarrhea and threw up. Poor thing:0(. Well, this worked to our favor we think. He farted while sitting on my lap- a few times. So, I kept asking if he had to go potty and he was checking his diaper. He decided to go potty and we sat in the bathroom for a while looking at books and stuff. He kept calling daddy to come in and daddy would ask if he was done. JJ said no and kept sitting on the potty. After probably 10 minutes, he farted some more and eureka! When he was done, we did a happy dance and celebrated. I count this a victory because he asked to go and stayed on the potty until he was done!! Yea!
I know, this was a pleasant post, but I had to share.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great day that started with a pancake breakfast at church, great worship (He is risen!), then a visit from Gramma and Poppa Lyle. JJ discovered jelly beans and peeps and ate a chocolate egg sucker from Gramma. It was a great day!
Oh, and the potty training thing... day 2 had JJ going on the potty after he woke up (yea!) and rebelling against using the potty all day after. And of course, he continued with the rebellion this morning as well. There goes our dream of potty training being cake walk!! ;0)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

JJ went potty!!

At 3:45, JJ went potty on the toilet for the very first time!! We have been putting him on the toilet off and on for a few weeks and had the potty chair and seat for the toilet out for a few months. Now part of today's triumph is quite a bit about timing. We put him on the potty right after his nap. It was inevitable that he would go. But we celebrated and had jelly beans to celebrate. Our big boy is even climbing onto the big chairs by himself!
And he had his second haircut today... he sat just as still the second time as his first... What a boy!