Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It's been a crazy amount of time since I've done any blogging. I visit our blog site everyday because then I can check in on the blogs we follow. So everyday, I have been confronted with the syrupy purple Easter theme and the cute little bunny that hops up and wishes me a happy Easter. Everyday. By now, I'm really quite tired of it. And in spite of Jim's request, "Honey, can you change the blog background??" it remains. Until today!! I have gotten ambitious. Not only did I go through the apartment yesterday to find items to donate to the VA when they pick up on Friday, we now have the bookcase I've been waiting for! I can finally-after about a year and a half- can unpack the boxes that are sitting in the corner of our bedroom! And in my ambition, I am writing a blog post and changing the theme (you're welcome, honey!).

And though I missed it yesterday, I'm going to post a pic for Mommy & Me Mondays.
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It's a little dark, but I like it...