Monday, October 12, 2009

Let it snow!

At least, that seems to be JJ's opinion! He certainly seemed to enjoy the snow this morning while Mommy cleaned off the car-with his help of course. He was having so much fun that he threw himself a little tantrum when it was time to actually get in the car to go! I do think this snow thing is a little early and it doesn't bode well for our winter. We will likely be forgoing the luxury of a garage this winter, so hopefully he keeps his cheerful attitude toward snow- that will make it easier to deal with scraping the windshield and brushing off the snow every time we decide to venture out anywhere. If we can find him a snow suit (my requirement not his- he had NO problem plopping his tush down into a pile of slush on the sidewalk today) that fits decent, I'm sure we will get around to making snow angels soon. I tried to show him the fun of catching snowflakes on his tongue, but that backfired. Rather than doing it himself, he kept sticking his mittened hands into my mouth to open it and pushing my head back so that he could watch me do it. This was quite entertaining to some passersby, as I was silly enough to try this in the Target parking lot! We didn't get much opportunity to play in the snow last year since I worked. We'll be making up for that this winter! :0) I'd say we're off to a pretty good start.