Monday, September 1, 2008

Bunker Beach

We enjoyed a trip to Bunker Beach yesterday (Thanks again, Rosenau family!). Bunker Beach has a wave pool, water slides and a wading pool. JJ was a little nervous about the wading pool. I think it was a little louder and more active than the last one we were at, but he enjoyed himself more as he relaxed. No soaked pics this time as Mommy roped Daddy into the pool, too. After some time in the water, we went to the sand play area designed for making sand castles, etc. This area has tons of sand (of course) and water. So, we were a sandy, muddy pair as Daddy took pictures. JJ seemed to enjoy the little water hole the kids had created even though the water was freezing! He made new friends including a 9 year old blonde named Morgan and a young (maybe 4) boy named Manuel with curly hair. Of course he was covered in sand! After that, we ate a picnic dinner and played at the park on the swings and slides. It was a fun filled day!