Monday, November 9, 2009

Our little helper

Apparently, Jameson is firmly in the phase where he wants to clean! It's a normal toddler stage to have a desire to put things in their place. Parents of toddlers often find their child putting toys in rows (JJ lines up his cars), maybe sorting things by color, shape or size. Jameson is also a fan of putting things "away." This means that he will try to take our dishes and put them in the sink-sometimes even before we are done with them! When the phone rings, he runs to the phone and brings it to me, then insists on putting it away- even if I'm still talking. And then there's vacuuming. He's always been pretty scared of it and we typically have to hold him while vacuuming. That makes it an easy job (not really). And of course, it doesn't do to have the parent who is not vacuuming to hold him, it HAS to be the one who is. Yep, makes it easy (ha!). Then he moved on to wanting to "help". The problem is, we still had to hold him as he leaned down to help-even easier to hold him and not drop him (uh, no). The other day, he finally decided that it would be ok for us to put him down as long as he could help. YES!! Now he helps to vacuum and we don't put our backs out! Woo-hoo!

This morning, he decided to use the dust buster to vacuum our floors (who cleans before 8 am? Apparently, my son- I wish we were still sleeping, but he is cleaning and I know THAT phase won't last long, so I won't complain!) He vacuumed around the living room and into the dining room!!

~Just before he starts squawkin', he says "po", which is how he says "help". I love how he puts my hand on the button to make sure I'm not confused as to what he wants help with! :0)~

In addition to helping clean, JJ likes to help with other stuff he sees us do. Like fix breakfast... that's another fun one!

(yep, he does like bagel and cream cheese- which he later decided not to eat after all, anyway!)

Hopefully, this desire to do grown up stuff will translate into wanting to get out of his diapers and use the potty!! (Not on your life, Mom!) I keep hoping. :0) He's making progress, though!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

5 Minutes for Mom giveaway

5 Minutes for Mom is a blog for moms that includes lots of neat stuff including personal stories, information and some giveways and contests. This Christmas season, they have a series of giveaways that they are doing. So, copy and paste this URL to check it out (Sorry, I couldn't get it to show a link): to check out their giveways! I'm hoping to win the guitar pack for Ally- it might be a little old for her yet, but she'd love it anyway! The button to the right of this post is for a program they are also running for Christmas for kids in need. Click on that and check it out! Thanks all!