Monday, July 21, 2008

Out of and into the mouths of babes!

Toddlers are wonderful! And my baby is turning into a toddler! He has joined the age group of kids that are discovering independence and assigning the meaning to the things they observe around them. The other day, a friend heard her daughter commenting on the sounds things make. "What does a cow say? A cow says 'moooo'. What does ice cream say? 'Mmmmm, yummy." Yep, I think that's about right! Toddler logic at it's finest. Now, my son's communication is limited to baby signs, but they are growing by the day. Today, I asked him about the bird we were looking at, doing the sign for bird at the same time. I asked, "Is that a birdie?" and he responded by doing the sign. Yea! Another word to the repetoire.
He's also working on the independence and lately has been quite stubborn and willful. After a particularly difficult diaper change (he was NOT interested in getting his diaper changed AT ALL though it needed to happen because he was beginning to leak), he was trying to eat/chew on a clean diaper (I had pulled a bunch out of a new pack and had yet to put them away). Now, the fact that it was a diaper was enought for me to say, "Ewww, don't eat that!" and take it away. Thinking it was over, I turned to finish putting away the diapers. My son, however, not to be outdone decided this was the perfect opportunity to try again. I turned back around to find him with a mouthful of dirty, wet diaper! It was no longer in the neat little rolled up package I made in effort to have it ready for the diaper pail. It was unrolled and hanging from my stubborn little boy's drooly little mouth! Talk about 'ewwww, gross'! I guess next time I may let him have a little chew on the clean diaper, lest he find a less suitable substitute!

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