Friday, July 18, 2008

Still teething!

JJ still has not gotten his fourth tooth, but we know it's coming. There's one on the left side of his bottom teeth, and two on the top that you can feel inside his gums! So, we've been having restless sleep and all the normal things that go along with teething. Typically, this is normal, but this is a bit new to us. The last three teeth he got just sort of appeared out of nowhere! I think we still are having an easier time of it than some, though.

In the meantime, JJ still loves getting into things. He particularly has begun to enjoy the computer and playing with the mouse. I keep waiting for him to make random posts to the blog, send email, or some such thing while I'm in the middle of writing it. I think he's updated our Adobe stuff already. Gotta love the button pushing!

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