Monday, December 29, 2008

He's on to us...

We've been trying to get video of JJ dancing and singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider", but every time we take out the camera, he stops what he is doing! He has decided that like momma, he'd rather be the one taking the pictures. So, he stops dancing and tries to take the camera away. I made the mistake of letting him have it-once. He turned the camera around to look at the back of the camera like we do when we are taking a picture. So, I don't think this is a "no pictures" sort of thing. He just sees the camera and wants to play with it. After this interest dies down a little, we'll catch him. Hopefully we'll be able to post him doing Itsy bitsy and/or dancing (disco was a favorite the other day-unfortunately a RuPaul song).

In the mean time, we hope everyone has a Happy New Year! I hope we can all look back on the year that has been and see the blessings we've had in our lives-even the trials are blessings because we can learn so much from them.

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