Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tator tot no more

This week we were told that JJ is ready to transition to the next class at daycare. The group he is in now is called tator tots (not really babies, not quite toddlers). I guess we view this as a bit of a milestone since it was such a tansition for him to even start daycare. Typically, after 5pm, any tots still there go to the infant room until they are picked up (so they can let staff go home as the kids thin out). He's been so bored and really doesn't like going in there so we discussed him going into the toddler room at those times instead. He did this for the first time on Tues. Apparently, the teachers are thinking that he is also getting bored in the tator tot classroom and that he would really enjoy being in the toddler room. I can see this. He loves to play! The toddler room is more active with more activities to do and the kids are more advanced in their playing skills. He will transition to one nap a day and they will start having him practice using the potty (seems ready for both). Those will be the only major routine changes other than the move itself. He's been off the bottle since our trip to Ohio, so that won't hold him back in there. I guess he's all ready to go! Now Mom and Dad have to get used to the idea. Gotta admit, it's a transition for us too. Mostly because it proves how quickly they grow up. To quote Trace Adkins, "You're gonna miss this..."

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