Saturday, October 4, 2008

We're back!

At cousin Malinda's wedding

Oh, what an interesting few weeks it's been! Since our last post, we have moved and made a number of other life changing decisions. Jameson keeps growing and growing! Always the adventurer even in his own house. He has been practicing his words-we think he's said the word, "cheese". Yep, our son's first word was cheese. I guess it is his favorite thing to eat. He has also said "doggie" and "dog".

I have also decided to go back to work. I will be working with TBI clients in an independent living setting at a supervisory level. JJ is going to daycare and will start on Monday. So far, he seems to like the people he has met up with. He's only been there a few hours, but there are a couple of teachers we like and he seems to enjoy watching the other kids. He hasn't really played with them much which surprises me a bit considering how much he typically likes other kids.

We're beginning to get settled in to our apartment. It's nice because Jim is so much closer to work and I will be close to work now too. Plus, the apartment is bigger than the last couple of places we've had. JJ seems to really like the space (as we remove the random boxes from it!).

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