Monday, October 6, 2008

1st day of daycare & fall fun

JJ did well with his first day of daycare, though it didn't hit him that we were leaving him there until he saw us out the window about to drive away. Poor thing! He was fine until he refused to take his afternoon nap. He got real fussy after snack time according to the teachers and struggled until we picked him up-thankfully, not much more than an hour. It may just be my imagination, but it seems like he is beginning to understand that words are a pretty cool thing and seems to be trying to repeat the key phrases we say to him (thank you, all done, more, and I'm good). Over the weekend, we went to a community festival at the park. They had pony rides for the kids and gord painting. JJ got to eat cookies (yes, papa lyle, we let him have cookies) and listen to music-always a favorite activity. He didn't even seem to mind that he was the only one dancing!

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