Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome back!!! Both JJ and Ang have not been feeling well this past week, so once again I am doing a post. First off, thank you to all who prayed and continue to pray for Lynnea. Every day is a new miracle and an opportunity for more.
Secondly, for any basketball fans, March Madness is upon us...Go LOUISVILLE!!!!!
Third, Wrestlemania 25 is just 18 days away. OHHHH YEAHHHH! Looking forward to time with the Rosenau clan. Weird family traditions...WHATCHA GONNA DO BRUTHA???
Finally, if you are looking for an inspirational movie to help in your walk with God, I whole-heartedly recommend Fireproof (available now on Pay-per-view and DVD).

I hope everyone has a great week. May God bless you and please keep the Callison family in your prayers.


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