Thursday, March 5, 2009

Please Pray for the Callison Family

Good evening all,

Always it is Angela that brings you all the news of the Hammill clan, but tonight I am coming to all of you who take moments out of your busy day to visit with us. Please take a few moments this evening and carry the Callison family in your heart and in your prayers. We have asked for prayers for them before, but none have been more necessary than tonight. Lynnea has taken a drastic turn today and is undergoing emergency surgery as I type this. I spent a long time on the telephone with Corey tonight and never has my heart yearned to help a friend more. Please pray for a miracle for the Callison's. If you don't believe in miracles, please pray for strength, resolve, and peace for them for whatever lies ahead. Shower them with all of the hope and love that you have. Thank you.

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