Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big boy bed

We never bothered to set up JJ's crib after we moved in here. He never slept in it anyway. Then he started sleeping on his sister's bed-which doesn't work as well when she's here. He was sleeping in his pack and play and independently going to lay down (we'd have to put him in it), so we figured maybe it was time for him to have a different bed. So, we bought him a toddler bed with cars on it-other choices were plain, or girly. For some reason, so much of boy's stuff is "Cars" themed or Diego, or Thomas the Train. He's never seen either of those two other shows. He does like "Cars" though. He points to his jammies saying, "car, car" or "red car". He now identifies cars on the road. And he's always been into stuff with wheels, so we figured the a car bed would work. We thought an actual car-shaped bed would be cool, but the really good ones were super expensive! He's gone back to wanting to fall asleep while being held, but we'll get back to him going to bed on his own. It's a little harder to force the issue when we lay him down and he sneaks down his dragon tunnel to escape his room. In the pack and play he was contained when he decided he wanted to get out of bed, so we could leave him alone. Now he can just crawl out of bed, so we'll need to be more creative. Here's a pic of him in his new bed. He doesn't look too thrilled with having to go to sleep, does he...

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  1. It's weird what kids take to, and how quickly. Bailey slept in her big girl bed pretty well from the day we put her in it. But then again, it took her forever to give up her bottle at night. Funny.