Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The latest news & pictures

For those wondering how things are going with my pregnancy, it's been really uneventful. Thank God for small blessings! Mackenzie is moving around a lot and growing normally from what can be determined. She's currently healthy, and so am I!

In other exciting news, we are in the process of buying a house! We have had an offer accepted and down payment made on a house in Eagan. An inspection will be completed by the end of this week! Our closing date is March 9 and we expect to be moved out of our apartment by March 31- not too much time to spare before Mackenzie is due to arrive!

We're still our same busy little family these days. Jim has been working hard at work and things are going very well. He's turning out to be a wonderful Director! I'm still participating in bible studies and activities at church. I no longer work, but will likely find another part time job at some point when Mackenzie is a few months old. Ally has been busy with gymnastics and cheerleading. She will be starting soccer again very soon. She recently qualified to participate in a spelling bee at school (that's this coming Friday). We're very proud of her!! JJ is his usual rambunctious self. He's a big fan of dinosaurs, and gets excited about "poofrints" (or footprints) thanks to watching "Blue's Clues".

Not as many pics to post starting in 2011... haven't been quick enough with the camera most of the time! But here are a couple...

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