Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy summer

Well, here we go again! These posts seem to be getting fewer and farther between! It has been busy and to be truthful, I've been a little lazy. Busy is kind of an excuse in reality because that's just life with a family and it's not going to get less busy any time soon. Unfortunately for those of you that actually enjoyed the stories I tried to pass on, I probably won't get any better about updating the blog. But, I'm not ready to give up yet!!

So, since the last post in June, we had a visit to Ohio, a number of trips to the zoo, opportunities to gain new friendships, and the kids continue to be as cute as can be! That has been life in a nutshell!! The specific stories are much more entertaining and I will renew my effort to make short posts when the fun stories come up. Here are a few...

This tiger at the Columbus Zoo kept walking along in front of the glass and every time it walked by JJ, he screamed with delight! The tiger licked the glass once or twice and it made me grateful that we were safely on the other side of that glass!

JJ discovered the fun of the riding lawn mower at Grandma and Poppa's house...

JJ turned 3 on August 7 and we had a party with lots of family and friends crammed into our apartment. It was great getting to see everyone and JJ enjoyed himself a lot! There were lots of bubbles, tools, and a great deal of Toy Story toys to keep him and his little guests entertained.

One of the more difficult things for Ally when she visits here on the weekend is her lack of friends her own age... that changed a few weeks ago when she met Madison. Maddy is the daughter of our new friend Amy and she has a sense of humor and personality much similar to Ally's. While both girls tend to be slow to warm to new people, they were soon playing together and getting into their own brand of shenanigans! While Maddy had to return to North Carolina, we're hoping they will be moving to Minnesota soon (and they still communicate via facebook!).

And of course there is the simple daily goofiness that occurs on the quiet (yeah, right!) days...


  1. Love the photos, Ang. But please tell me you didn't make that cake yourself...?!? If you did, you will surely put me to shame--we get our cakes from Cashwise! ;)