Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another victory...

in the potty training escapade! JJ was not feeling well again yesterday. He had diarrhea and threw up. Poor thing:0(. Well, this worked to our favor we think. He farted while sitting on my lap- a few times. So, I kept asking if he had to go potty and he was checking his diaper. He decided to go potty and we sat in the bathroom for a while looking at books and stuff. He kept calling daddy to come in and daddy would ask if he was done. JJ said no and kept sitting on the potty. After probably 10 minutes, he farted some more and eureka! When he was done, we did a happy dance and celebrated. I count this a victory because he asked to go and stayed on the potty until he was done!! Yea!
I know, this was a pleasant post, but I had to share.

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